Green Geology

Turritella Pd

Going into London Paddington Station, look out for the Turrilites (and other fossils) in the limestone floor

NS Ilfracombe capstone 1
Marble Brain 2, Norwich


In Norwich, see the marble brain outside the Forum;

Exeter feldspar

In Exeter, look out for the massive feldspars in the

granite paving slabs...

If you happen to be...


In Ilfracombe, Devon, look at the Capstone;

Bristol Temple Meads Pd Penrith Pd

In Penrith, Cumbria, go and see the castle: Stratified red sandstones

At Bristol Temple Meads station, look out for the breccia building stone;

Lower Greensand

At the RSPB's Headquarters in Sandy, you will find this outcrop of Woburn Sands in the Old Quarry

Edinburgh Parly

Outside the Scottish Parliament on Edinburgh's Royal Mile, stop and look at this!